Day Ones

Why do first days stand out in memory?

* * *

The night before Day 1 of Sem 1, I was at Thai Express with the new friends, post-climbing and reading Adorno outside Bishan Library. It was a Wednesday evening. There was an MRT-and-bus ride back to the RC via JE and Clementi. It was a fairly good trip. Three of us agreed to meet at 9 for breakfast. After breakfast, I made last-minute annotations in the room before heading for the first WCT lesson – discussing the impenetrable (and implacable) Adorno text. There followed a rush for the bus to LT32, and I almost late for Einstein intro lecture, a promise of what was to come; saw C’s sister and turned my head a few times just to be sure. (But the recognition only went in one direction.) Made my way via the science buildings to LT27 and a very short Linear Algebra lecture 1. Bought textbooks in the science co-op after that; what happens after this is no longer clear.

* * *

The morning of the first day of Sem 2, I woke up early to go for an 8 am lecture via public transport. Ran into AZ at KR MRT; inane conversation followed. The first MA1104 lecture – so far, so good, I thought to myself, although the pace was much quicker than expected. Saw E at the bus stop; back to UTown for check-in and cleaning. Lecture in LT25 (new location), Physics with Mad Bomber. Back to UTown (when was lunch?) – parents came with large amounts of stuff; moving, setup, just in time to head back to LT32 again for lecture. Unofficially crashing the other lecture slot, just to see if this one would be any good. It was highly crowded with too many of the wrong types of people. I don’t much recall what happened next, though I did write a fairly detailed post detailing the day’s events.

* * *

Today is Day 1 of Semester 3.

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